I wanted to…

I wanted to kiss your belly as I got you dressed in the morning.

I wanted to hear you laugh.

I wanted to see the wonder in your eyes as we visited Disney World for the first time.

I wanted to watch you sleep in my arms.

I wanted to hear you shout “Daddy!” as you ran towards the door when your Dad came home from work.

I wanted to cheer you on as you took your first steps.

I wanted to celebrate your birthdays with you. 

I wanted to watch you graduate from high school.

I wanted to watch your Daddy walk you down the aisle. 

I wanted to spend my life with you, Aria. 

I wanted more time.

I miss you. 


2 thoughts on “I wanted to…

    • Thank you for reading. While it’s always good to know there are others who feel the same, I am so sorry you have found yourself in a place where you can understand this pain. I also wanted to tell you how much I admire your blog, especially because you are a father. There is this awful belief that men don’t grieve this loss as much as women, and putting your voice out there is helping to break down that stereotype.


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